Denise AboutHello, I’m Denise Hendrick, the creative force behind Romantic Recollections.  I’ve loved period fashions since I was a child, and eventually that love grew into a passion for recreating – and wearing – historic clothing and accessories.  My favorite fashions are from the 1790’s and 1890’s, although I add new favorites all the time.

My journey into costuming started with books and commercial patterns, reproducing period fashions for historic reenactment.  I devoured every costuming book I could find at the library, especially the ones that detailed period construction and finishing techniques.  The more I learned, however, the more I became aware of how much I still did not know.

Eventually, my quest for knowledge led me to the Apparel Design and Services program at Seattle Central Community College.  While the program is geared towards the modern apparel industry, the instructors are a wealth of information on patterning, fine finishing, tailoring, and other techniques that are perfectly suited to period fashion. Armed with a degree and a greatly expanded skill set, I decided to open my own studio and begin sewing for others.

I have sewn garments from periods ranging from 1500’s Tudor to 19-teens Titanic, including everything from underpinnings to accessories. I delights in beautiful fabrics, fine details, and period construction techniques, while using modern tools and methods to streamline the process.  I am currently immersed in the world of machine embroidery and the possibilities it brings to historic costuming.

I love getting to know other costumers, so feel free to comment as you read, and if you see me at an event, please say hello!


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