Up-cycling, from 1918

Woman’s World, April 1918, from the article “Hooverizing” with the Needle: There’s nothing new under the sun, so don’t worry if you have to make over your last year’s dresses, by The “Make-Over Lady”

For Daddy’s Little Girl: When a certain young lady begins to creep and use herself as a dust mop over the floors, white dresses are out of the question. One may even have fleeting visions of a potato sack as the only solution. But did you know that Daddy’s colored shirts, when they wear out around the neck, are just the thing for wee dress protectors. See Fig. 14. Turn the front to the back and you are saved the labor of buttons and buttonholes. Any little dress pattern you may have will do to cut it by. The collar may have a little crocheted edging in a dainty color.

Everything old really is new again. I’ve seen this same idea on many craft blogs, as an “up-cycled” toddler dress tutorial. Whether it’s 1918 or 2011, it’s still a cute dress!


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