2010 Double Period Project

Your Wardrobe Unlock’d is hosting the “Double Period Project” this year.  The basics are 1) there are two periods to use as inspiration, 2) you can make as much or as little as you like from either period, and 3) it can be as historically accurate (or not) as you like.  Prizes for different categories, abilities, etc.   They ran a similar contest last year, centered around a single dress pattern, but I didn’t have time to participate.  This year, however, I am going for it.

I may try both periods, time allowing, but I was really excited that one of them is 1770-89, the time surrounding the French Revolution.  I love so many extant garments in museums from this time period.  I’ve wanted to re-create one for ages, but without an excuse (or a client), I just haven’t done it.  Now I can.

I’m hoping to do both a man’s court suit and a woman’s polonaise.  Court suits were still worn into the early 1800’s, and I love the over the top embroidery and spangles.  I also love the adorable polonaise gowns and big hats from this period.   Both styles should both be fun to make.

So this is the beginning of my dress diary for the 2010 DPP.  I always mean to keep a diary and never do, so this is another good excuse to try something new.


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